Bethlehem Lutheran Church



To all Confirmation Students and Parents,

Confirmation will begin Wednesday September 16 at 6 pm. We will gather in the Sanctuary at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. All students and parents from Bethlehem and Immanuel are invited to the opening session. Information packets will be distributed, parents will sign up for duties throughout the year, and youth will get their materials. All students need to bring their bibles. If a student does not have one, the church will provide one.Parents are encouraged to bring Bibles too. Faith formation does not end after confirmation.

Confirmation is a 2 year plus program at the church. One year will be a study of the Bible; the other will be a study of the Catechism. The years will alternate so it does not matter when a student joins confirmation. I will lead a large group instruction and parents will work with students in small groups. The plus is in the fall of the third year when students will prepare for active life in the congregation after they affirm their Baptisms on Reformation Sunday. These sessions will be led by mentors, faithful members of the congregation. All parents are encouraged to consider being a small group leader or a mentor. Parents will also provide snacks on a rotating basis.

If you have any questions about Confirmation or Christian Education at Bethlehem or Immanuel Lutheran Churches, please contact me via email, phone, or talk with me at church. Faith formation in our Youth is one of the most important things the church does and is one of my favorite parts of being your Pastor. See you Wednesday the 16th.


Pastor Peter Kowitz